"You can do anything"

After being caught on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women, Donald Trump has been publicly accused of sexual assault by 14 women and counting.

Accusor Type Year
Kristin Anderson Groping N/A
Cassandra Searles Groping 2013
Anonymous friend of Erin Burnett Kissing 2010
Summer Zervos Kissing, Groping 2007
Ninni Laaksonen Groping 2006
Natasha Stoynoff Kissing 2005
Jennifer Murphy Kissing 2005
Rachel Crooks Kissing 2005
Mindy McGillivray Groping 2003
Karena Virginia Groping 1998
Cathy Heller Kissing 1997
Temple Taggart McDowell Kissing 1997
Jill Harth Groping 1993
Jessica Leeds Kissing, Groping 1980